Gog Magog Molly: The Dances in Detail

In these pages you shall find most of the Gog Magog dances described in fine detail (some say too fine!). Numbers in brackets show the number of dancers in each set (although we've been known to double, triple or even quadruple some of these with multiple sets at once).

Most descriptions are given as a table of numbers on the left and instructions on the right. Those numbers count the beats. Sometimes the beats are split (e.g. 1A, 1B); these indicate the first and second half of the beat (the step and the hop respectively when single-stepping).

The music is available via the Gog Magog Molly website.

We're lucky to have several people who are or have been active in writing dances, and there's no-one who can claim to have written "most of our dances"; indeed many were a collective process. A few have been "borrowed" from other sides and we've endeavoured not to take good care of them. I wrote most of the original descriptions but other members of the side have helped with more recent dances. If any Gogs see a mistake then please tell me.

Traditional molly dancing was nowhere near this well documented, or danced with this much precision. If you are a team that is just starting out and developing a style, you should see as wide a variety of styles as possible from different teams rather than copying any one style.

Other sides are more than welcome to use any of our dances, but if you use them for display we would appreciate you letting us know. Not because we want to exercise any form of control, but because it makes us feel good :-)

And finally, if this site looks a bit dated, it's because the format hasn't changed since it was started in 1998, and the web was a bit simpler back then...

The full Dances in Detail can also be downloaded as a PDF, for easier printing, albeit only version 4.1. Just make sure you've got plenty of paper in the printer first!

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