Fenland Safari

Set:2 couple longways
Music:Swinging Safari

Figure 1:Arm turn
1-81&4 arm turn right.
9-162&3 arm turn right.
1Step into line with your partner by the left shoulder.
2Step into the next corner position, 1&4 turning a quarter right and 2&3 turning a quarter left.
3Step into line with the next person (1 with 3 and 2 with 4) by the left shoulder.
4Step into the next corner position and another quarter turn.
5-7Repeat 1-3.
8Back turn into start position.
9-16Repeat 1-8 the other way around the square.
Figure 2:Gypsy
1-81&4 gypsy right.
9-162&3 gypsy right.
Figure 3:Back to Back
1-81&4 back to back right shoulders, trying not to go too far past the middle of the set.
9-162&3 back to back right shoulders.
Figure 4:Shoulder swing
1-81&4 right shoulder swing.
9-162&3 right shoulder swing.
16Face diagonally out from the centre point of the set and hoy.
Wait until you the signal from the musicians and walk straight out into audience in the direction you're facing.

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