Mitcham's Corner

Set:3 couple longways.
Music:Made Schottische.
Acknowledgements:Includes some of the best figures from Grace Jackson's and Val ???'s dances.
Trivia:Named after the implausible one-way system in Cambridge, principally due to the final figure which is equally implausible.

A's are 1,4&5; B's are 2,3&6.
Odds are 1,3&5; Evens are 2,4&6.
Figure 1:Cross and hey
1-2Step on the spot.
3Cross with partner, passing right shoulders.
4Middles quarter turn right.
Ends quarter turn to face middle.
5-8Half hey for 3, starting passing right shoulders.
9-16Repeat, shouting when lines cross.
Finish standing.
A's Chorus
1-4A's quarter turn right twice using two stamp steps.
B's stand still.
5-7All step forward.
8All back turn.
9-12Step forward into original lines.
A's finish standing.
13-16B's quarter turn right twice using two stamp steps.
Figure 2:Triangles
1Step on the spot.
2Middles (3&4) turn right 45° to face person on right diagonal.
2&5 quarter turn left to face nearest middle person.
1&6 step on the spot.
Everyone is now looking clockwise around one of two triangles formed at each end of the set.
3Step forwards into next place in triangle:
4 1
5 2
6 3
4Turn right to face next position in triangle.
5Repeat 3-4.
7Step forwards into original position.
8All turn to face partner across the set.
9Step on the spot.
10Middles (3&4) turn left 45° to face person on left diagonal.
2&5 step on the spot.
1&6 quarter turn left to face nearest middle person.
Everyone is now looking anticlockwise around one of two (different) triangles.
11-16Repeat 2-8.
B's Chorus
As A's chorus, but swap roles for A's and B's.
Figure 3:Pairs Hey (Space Invaders)
1-161&2 face down; 3,4,5&6 face up.
Dance a hey for 3 with couples dancing as a unit. Each person turns alone and so will be on the same side of the set throughout the figure.
For this to work, the set has to get slightly narrower and the hey stretches it along its length. Partners must mirror each other exactly.
A's Chorus
Evens finish standing.
Figure 4:Squares
1Odds step forwards towards partner.
Evens stand still.
2Odds quarter turn right to face down.
Evens quarter turn left to face down, using a two-footed jump and remain standing.
3-4Repeat 1-2, evens turning right to face odds line again.
5-6Repeat 1-2, evens turning right to face up.
7-8Repeat 1-2, evens turning left to face partner.
9-16Repeat 1-8, swapping roles for odds and evens.
Everyone will face up at the end of beat 10 (original beat 2) and down at the end of beat 14 (original beat 6).
B's Chorus
Figure 5:Vortex Reel
This figure is twice as long as the others.
1-8Middles face person on right and pass left shoulder to start heys for 3 on the sides.
Time this to be in home positions on beat 8, ready to continue the hey.
9-123&4 continue the hey to the end of the line (5&2 positions respectively). Loop as normal but do not return yet.
5&2 continue the hey to the other end of the line (6&1 positions respectively).
1&6 meet in middle of set, take stomach hold right and turn three quarters, then dance out through the middle of the opposite side and turn left to join the other hey from 4&3 positions respectively.
13-32Repeat 9-12 five more times from new positions.
Those in 5&2 positions must make sure they allow those who have just come out of the stomach turn to pass left shoulders before proceeding.
Finish with a hoy, with everyone facing out on the sides in their home places.
No lead off; wait until you the signal from the musicians and walk straight out into audience in the direction you're facing.

Dances in Detail Copyright 1998-2017 Gog Magog Molly.