Set:5 couple X.
Music:Pirates in Reception (own tune).
Trivia:Started life as a dance written for one of our oldest members, to a tune she'd written as a teenager. She has a small farm, hence the slightly tangential figure names. Then we updated some of the figures, changed the tune, and made it a permanent addition to our repertoire.

Start in a line, 1 at the front standing on the first corner of the eventual set.
Note that 2 will need to be able to move quite fast later in the dance.
Lead on:Fencing
1-21 step forward (single stepping) to next corner on beat 1 and turn right one quarter on beat 2.
2,3,4&5 low stamp step forwards one place, 2 finishing where 1 started.
3-41&2 step forward to next corner and turn right.
3,4&5 low stamp step forwards one place.
5-61,2&3 step forward to next corner and turn right, 1 turning a little more to face the centre of the set.
4&5 low stamp step forwards one place.
7-81 steps to the centre of the set and turns right slightly to face up, finishing standing.
2,3&4 step forward to next corner and turn right one quarter as before.
5 single step to first corner (yes this breaks the pattern a bit not to do a stamp step here, but gives more flexibility in positioning the set).
9-162,3,4&5 continue stepping and turning once more around the set.
Finish facing 1 in the centre.
 4   3
 5   2
Chorus 1
11&4 step forwards to each other, shouting in each others' faces.
21&4 bounce back slightly.
31&4 step past each other right shoulders to swap places.
41 back turns to face the centre.
4 turns right one quarter to face the next corner, 5.
5-84&5 repeat.
9-125&2 repeat.
13-162&3 repeat, 3 finishing facing up.
 1   2
 4   5
Figure 1:Sheep Dog Trials
3, in middle, stands throughout.
1-81 and 5 figure-of-8 around middle person and their right hand dancer:
Pass between these to start then cast right around outer dancer (1 around 4, 5 around 2), then left shoulders around the centre person (3) and home to place.
9-162 and 4 do likewise.
Chorus 2
As before (3&1 start). This would finish:
 3   5
 1   4
Except instead:
15-161&3, 4&5 step forward to meet right shoulder to right shoulder in line across set.
5 must do this while stepping out of the middle past 2, as normal.
2 steps past 5 into the middle as normal, then turns right one quarter to face where 3 would have been.
1 3 2 4 5
Figure 2:Hedgelaying
11&3, 4&5 right arm turn half way.
2Step on the spot, dropping arms on 2B.
Different arm timings from Darga's Grandson because we need to leave a gap in the middle.
31&5 left arm turn half way.
1 and 3 step on the spot (with arms).
4Step on the spot and drop arms (if applicable) on 4B.
5-14Continue pattern until almost back to place.
15-16Ends (1&5) step backwards into place in the original set.
Middles (3&4) do their final left arm turn about one quarter (strictly speaking 3/8), drop off facing each other and step backwards into their places in the original set.
While 2:
1-4Loop round 1&3 passing left shoulder, finishing back in middle.
5-8Continue to loop round the other end of the set passing right shoulder.
9-12Loop round first end again left shoulder.
13-16Loop round second end right shoulder, this time only going around 5 (who is reversing) and passing inside 4.
 3   5
 1   4
Chorus 3
As before (2&3 start).
2 and 3 face up after stepping out to corner (instead of a back turn), and 1 and 4 face down.
New middle (5) finishes facing up as normal.
 2   4
 3   1
Figure 3:Mucking Out
1-3All step forward, maintaining spacing
4Back turn.
5-7Step back.
8Just 5 back turn to face down.
Others step on the spot.
9-15Repeat 1-7.
16All hoy, 5 facing up and and the others facing out on the corners.

Dances in Detail Copyright 1998-2017 Gog Magog Molly.