The New Spring

Set:4 couple longways.
Music:Half a Brown Ale, reelified (note that this has a 12 bar B music).
History:Originally "The Old Spring" and done to the original Half a Brown Ale, a jig.

Start in line off the stage order 13578642, holding hands low and palm-to-palm.
Hold the hand of the person in front with your left hand, palm facing right.
Hold the hand of the person behind with your right hand, palm facing left.
Leading On
1-151 leads line round stage to finish in longways set formation, facing partner.
1's left hand and 2's right hand salute.
16Drop hands and finish standing.
1A, 1B etc. refer to the first and second halves of the beat respectively.
1AClap thighs.
1BClap hands.
2AClap both hands palm-to-palm with partner (or person you are facing).
2BJump to face neighbour (middles turn to face nearest end), timing to land on next beat.
3-4ARepeat 1-2A.
4BJump with same timing as beat 2B.
3&5 and 4&6 turn outwards to face each other on the sides.
Ends turn to face partner.
5-6ARepeat 1-2A.
6BMiddles turn to face partner, jumping with same timing as beat 2B.
Ends clap hands again.
7-8ARepeat 1-2A.
9-12Take saluting stomach hold right with partner and, single stepping, turn all the way round back to place.
Release on beat 12.
13-24Repeat 1-12, but keep single stepping at end.
Figure 1:Dip and Dive
11,2,5&6 quarter turn to face down and take hands low with partner.
3,4,7&8 quarter turn to face up and take hands with partner to form an arch.
Aide memoir: up (arch) if you're going up, down (under the arch) if you're going down.
2Go over or under facing couple as appropriate to change places.
3Currently end couples let go of hands.
Current middle couples sharply swap between arches and low hands.
4Current end couples turn around, turning in, to face in the other direction.
Current middle couples go over or under each other.
5Current top couple take hands with partner to form an arch.
Current bottom couple take hands low with partner.
Current middle couples sharply swap between arches and low hands.
6-8Repeat 2-4.
9-12Repeat 5-8.
13-15Repeat 5-7.
16Current end couples turn to face partner.
Current middle couples go over or under each other and turn to face partner.
Finish in original set, standing.
Figure 2:Polka round
1-8Polka round to place at ends (1&2 with 3&4, 5&6 with 7&8).
9-16Middles polka round to place.
Ends dance round the set in the direction they are facing back to place, always passing right shoulders.
Finish standing.
Finish in right wrist hold with neighbour (middles face nearest ends).
Figure 3:Star reel
This is effectively reels for 4 on the diagonals.
1Pull by right, turning the set into a star.
Ends move to middle of the set, middles dance straight out of the four corners.
2-4Original ends, now in middles, form a left hand star (not subject to the usual timings or salutes) and take it round half way.
Original middles, now at the corners, pull right shoulder back and loop round to meet person coming out of star, taking right wrist hold.
3     4
  8 7
  2 1
5     6
5-16Repeat 1-4 three more times.
On beat 16, do not take wrist hold, but finish standing in original set facing across to partner.
Finish final stomach turn in line facing partner, odds facing down and evens facing up.
Figure 4:Zig-zag
1-32Zig-zag hey with lead off, leading off the stage.

Dances in Detail Copyright 1998-2017 Gog Magog Molly.