Molly's Wedding

Set:3 couple longways.
Music:Mairi's Wedding, quite fast, ABBABx3.
Acknowledgements:A blatant ripoff of the Scottish Country Dance Mairi's Wedding.
History:We've done this multiple times so it deserves a place in the hall of fame, but it's hard to get right and only really worth the effort for Scottish dancers. So it's not really considered mainstream repertoire.

This is a progressive dance, done three times through, although there are some differences between the three times.
Time 1
1-2Take right arm hold and salute immediately; go once around to face starting positions.
3-4Drop arms and cast into middle.
5-8Take left arm hold without saluting; go round once and a bit to face first corners (1 face 6, 2 face 3).
While 3&4:
1-2Stand still.
3Start stepping, turning a quarter to face up.
4Move up to top of set.
5Quarter turn to face partner.
6Step backwards into place and finish standing.
7-8Remain standing.
While 5&6:
1-8Remain standing.
3   4
5   6
9-12First corners (3&6) dance half a hey with 1&2, finishing standing in each other's places.
Start by 6&3 passing right shoulders with 1&2 respectively.
1&2 dance round their corner and pass left shoulders in the centre of the set, facing their second corner (1 face 4, 2 face 5).
6   4
5   3
13-16Repeat 9-12 with second corners (4&5).
Finish 1 facing 6 again, 2 facing 3.
17-20Repeat 9-12 with first corners.
21-24Repeat 9-12 with second corners.
1&2 finish in the middle of lines of three at each end of the set, facing 6&3 respectively.
3 2 4

5 1 6
25-306 steps of a zig-zag hey for 3.
As you get to one end of the line (2&5 positions) you need to do the back turn on the right foot and therefore pull your left shoulder back to turn. The other end is a normal left-footed back turn.
1&2 finish at the ends of their lines, making sure not to change places with 5&4 respectively on beat 30.
3  4
 5  6
31-32Step on the spot, forming a circle.
 3 4
1   2
 5 6
33-40Shoulder star right once around, finishing in set in progressed places.
3   4
1   2
5   6
Time 2
Top couple (3&4):
1-8As 1&2 before.
While middle couple (1&2):
1Step on the spot.
2Quarter turn to face down.
3Move down to bottom of set.
4Quarter turn to face partner and finish standing.
5-8Remain standing.
While bottom couple (5&6):
1Step forwards towards partner.
2Quarter turn to face up.
3-4Step up to top position.
5Quarter turn to face partner.
6Step backwards into place and finish standing.
7-8Remain standing.
9-24Heys as time 1 from new positions, except:
As corners pass one another they turn 360° over their right shoulder, timing to face one another as the pass in the middle of the set.
In each group of 4 beats, corners clap their own hands on beat 2A, then clap hands with the other corner on beat 2B as they pass one another.
25-40As time 1 from new positions.
Time 3
As time 2 from new positions, except:
9-24Corners, instead of heys, pass active person right shoulder, meet in center of set, take right arm hold, go once around and return to place.
Active couple dance figure as before.
39(Step 7 of shoulder star): Drop hands in starting position.
40Face out and hoy.
No lead off; wait until you the signal from the musicians and walk straight out into audience in the direction you're facing.

Dances in Detail Copyright 1998-2017 Gog Magog Molly.