Birds a Building

Set:4 couple longways (usually).
Music:Birds a Building.
Trivia:This is about as traditional as we get. It's similar to the Birds a Building figure from the Ultimate Molly Dance, but with the figure itself done more slowly (and following the original direction to pass right shoulder each change).
We first did it because the great Ouse Washes Molly Dancers were organising a massed Birds a Building as part of their annual Mark Jones Day of Dance. They dance it to "Rolling Home", because that was Mark's Favourite song.

Done in groups of 4 people
1Step towards partner, shouting in their face.
2Step slightly to the left.
Don't move forwards – we don't form a line of 4 here, in order to avoid it merging into the next step.
3Step to partner's old place (on a corner).
4Turn one quarter to face neighbour on the sides.
5-8Repeat 1-4 with neighbour, finishing facing partner.
9-16Repeat 5-8, finishing back home.
Lead down
Top couple from each active group of 4 people:
1Step in to meet.
2Quarter turn to face down.
3-7Lead down.
8Quarter turn to face one another.
9Quarter turn again to face up.
10-14Lead up to positions in longways set.
15Quarter turn to face partner.
16Fall back into place.
Polka change
1-16Couples polka change in same groups of 4.
Repeat whole dance according to normal longways progression, i.e. alternating between groups of 4 at each end and just the 4 in the middle with the ends standing still.
Normally we do 3 or 5 times in total.
At the end of the final chorus, instead of the final quarter turn of the polka change:
16Step straight into place, facing out of the set.
Finish with a hoy.

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