Feuillet 1706

Recueil de Contredances mises en Chorégraphie

About half of the dances in this also appear in The Dancing Master in one form or another (usually with some diferences). The ones I have spotted are:

  • La Bonne Amitié: Jamaica (4th edition)
  • La Bergére: Northern Nancy (4th edition)
  • Le Pistolet: Smith's Rant (6th edition)
  • Les Manches Vertes: Green-Sleeves and Pudding-Pies (7th edition)
  • Excuses My: Excuse Me (7th edition)
  • Le Prince George: Prince George (7th edition)
  • La Buffecote: Buff coat (4th edition)
  • Le Carillon d’Oxfort: Chrischurch Bells in Oxon (6th edition)
  • Jeanne qui Saute: Joan's Placket (10th edition)
  • Le Lirboulaire: Lilli Burlero (8th edition)
  • La Coquette: Moll Peatley, the New Way (11th edition)
  • Vienne: Vienna (7th edition, although the dance is completely different)
  • La Valantine: Valentine’s Day (6th edition)
  • La Chaine: London Gentlewoman (1st edition), with shades of Picking of Sticks in the final figure
  • La Nouvelle Figure: The New Vagary (4th edition)

Feuillet says in the preface that he wrote:

  • La Matelotte
  • La Folichon
  • La Feé

He also says some were written by another dancing master, Mr. Voisin, dancing master at Versailles:

  • La Pantomime
  • La Bacchante
  • L’Epiphanie
  • La Gasconne

As yet unidentified, but he did say he couldn’t remember the author to a number of them, so some/many of these will be French in origin:

  • La Jalousie (although it does largely share its A part with Pool’s Hole, 8th Edition DM)
  • Les Galeries d’Amour
  • Podain
  • Le Tourbillon d’Amour
  • Le Menuet de la Reine
  • Le Menuet du Chevalier
  • La Bourée de Basque
  • L’Amoureuse
  • La Fanatique
  • La Chasse (although this appears to be a strip the willow variant, so perhaps related to Trenchmore)


Interpretations of dances in this source
Dance name Set formation
Jeanne Qui Saute Longways circular