A list of historical sources, with links to where they can be found online where they exist. The focus here is on the era of the Dancing Master, but many later sources are included as they're informative or simply interesting.

In addition to the links listed for each source, the following general links are useful for the Dancing Master:

Other online lists of sources:

Source Date Title Online source(s)
Stephens 1640 ca. BL MS Add 41996 F (The ‘Stephens’ manuscript) Transcript (local)
Lovelace 1649 ca. Houghton MS Eng 1356 (The ‘Lovelace’, or ‘Pattricke’, or ‘Church’ manuscript) Facsimile, Transcript (verbose), Transcript (concise)
DM1-1 1651 The English Dancing Master, 1st edition Facsimile, Transcript
DM1-2 1652 The Dancing Master, 2nd edition Transcript
DM1-3 1657, 1665 The Dancing Master, 3rd edition
Ward 1660 or later Houghton GV1763 .S73 1650 (The ‘Ward’ manuscript) Facsimile, Transcript (local)
Boys 1667 Bodleian MS. Don. e. 251 (The ‘Boys’ manuscript) Transcript (local)
DM1-4 1670 The Dancing Master, 4th edition
Lansdowne 1670 or later BL MS Lansdowne 1115 (The ‘Lansdowne’ manuscript) Transcript (local), Facsimile (local)
DM1-5 1675 The Dancing Master, 5th edition
DM1-6 1679 The Dancing Master, 6th edition
Sloane 1679 or later BL MS Sloane 3858 (The ‘Sloane’ manuscript) Transcript (local), Transcript (alternative), Facsimile (local)
Lorin 1685 1685 Livre de contredance Facsimile
DM1-7 1686 The Dancing Master, 7th edition
Academy of Armory 1688 The Third Book of the Academy of Armory and Blazon Transcript
Lorin 1688 1688 Livre de la contredance du roy, présenté à Louis XIV Facsimile
DM1-8 1690 The Dancing Master, 8th edition
DM1-9 1695 The Dancing Master, 9th edition
DM1-10 1698 The Dancing Master, 10th edition
Bray 1699 [20 country dances, untitled] Facsimile
Durlach 1701 Chorégraphie - Durlach 209/210 Facsimile
DM1-11 1701 The Dancing Master, 11th edition
DM1-12 1703 The Dancing Master, 12th edition
DM1-13 1706 The Dancing Master, 13th edition
Feuillet 1706 1706 Recueil de Contredances mises en Chorégraphie Facsimile
Feuillet 1708 1708 VIe Recueil de danses et de contredanses pour l'année 1708 recueillies et mises au jour Facsimile
DM1-14 1709 The Dancing Master, 14th edition
Essex 1710 For the Furthur Improvement of Dancing Facsimile
DM2-1 1710 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 1st Edition
Pemberton 1711 An Essay for the Further Improvement of Dancing: Being a Collection of Figure Dances Facsimile
Dezais 1712 Recueil de Nouvelles Contredanses Facsimile
DM1-15 1713 The Dancing Master, 15th edition
DM2-2 1714 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 2nd Edition
Academy of Compliments 1715 (4ed) A new Academy of Compliments: or, the Lover's Secretary Facsimile (17ed 1784)
DM1-16 1716 The Dancing Master, 16th edition
DM2-3 1718 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 3rd Edition
Woolball 1719 Houghton TS 552.15.14.6. (The William Woolball Manuscript) Facsimile
DM1-17 1721 The Dancing Master Vol. the First, 17th edition
Tomlinson 1724 The Art of Dancing Explained by Reading and Figures: Whereby the Manner of Performing the Steps is Made Easy by a New and Familiar Method Facsimile
DM3-2 1726 ca. The Dancing Master, The Third Volume, 2nd Edition
DM2-4 1728 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 4th Edition Facsimile
DM1-18 1728 ca. The Dancing Master Vol the First, 18th edition
Bridges 1745 Kitty Bridges' Notebook 1745 Facsimile
Rainstorp 1747 + Osborne Music MS 12 (The “Rainstorp” manuscript) Facsimile
Dukes 1752 A Concise & easy method of learning the figuring part of country dances, by way of characters. Facsimile
Willsim 1755 Recueil de 24 Contredances Angloise les Plus Usité
A. D. 1764 1764 Country-dancing made plain easy to every capacity Facsimile
Gallini 1772 A Treatise on the Art of Dancing Facsimile, Transcript
Thompson 1774 1774 Twenty-four dances for the year 1774 Facsimile
Llangadfan 1790 ca NLW Add MSS 171E (The “Llangadfan” dances)