A list of historical sources, with links to where they can be found online where they exist. Many of these are decidedly post-Playford but are included anyway as they're informative.

In addition to the links listed for each source, the following general links are useful for the Dancing Master:

See here for a much more complete list (albeit much less specific to country dancing).

Source Published Title Online source(s)
Sloane MS Sloane 3858 Transcript
Stephens Add MSS 41966 F
Lovelace 1640 ca. The Lovelace (or Pattricke, or Church) manuscript Facsimile, Transcript (verbose), Transcript (concise)
Lansdowne 1648 ca. MS Lansdowne 1115, fols 38v-8r
Ward 1650 ca. Steps for country dances : manuscript, [1650?]. GV1763 .S73 1650 Facsimile, Transcript
DM1-1 1651 The English Dancing Master, 1st edition Facsimile, Transcript
DM1-2 1652 The Dancing Master, 2nd edition Transcript
DM1-3 1657, 1665 The Dancing Master, 3rd edition
DM1-4 1670 The Dancing Master, 4th edition
DM1-5 1675 The Dancing Master, 5th edition
DM1-6 1679 The Dancing Master, 6th edition
Lorin 1685 1685 Livre de contredance Facsimile
DM1-7 1686 The Dancing Master, 7th edition
Lorin 1688 1688 Livre de la contredance du roy, présenté à Louis XIV Facsimile
DM1-8 1690 The Dancing Master, 8th edition
DM1-9 1695 The Dancing Master, 9th edition
DM1-10 1698 The Dancing Master, 10th edition
Bray 1699 Facsimile
DM1-11 1701 The Dancing Master, 11th edition
DM1-12 1703 The Dancing Master, 12th edition
DM1-13 1706 The Dancing Master, 13th edition
Feuillet 1706 Recueil de Contredances mises en Chorégraphie Facsimile
DM1-14 1709 The Dancing Master, 14th edition
DM2-1 1710 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 1st Edition
Essex 1710 For the Furthur Improvement of Dancing Facsimile
Pemberton 1711 An Essay for the Further Improvement of Dancing: Being a Collection of Figure Dances Facsimile
Dezais 1712 Recueil de Nouvelles Contredanses Facsimile
DM1-15 1713 The Dancing Master, 15th edition
DM2-2 1714 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 2nd Edition
DM1-16 1716 The Dancing Master, 16th edition
DM2-3 1718 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 3rd Edition
DM1-17 1721 The Dancing Master Vol. the First, 17th edition
DM3-2 1726 ca. The Dancing Master, The Third Volume, 2nd Edition
DM2-4 1728 The Dancing Master, Vol. the Second, 4th Edition Facsimile
DM1-18 1728 ca. The Dancing Master Vol the First, 18th edition
Tomlinson 1735 The Art of Dancing Explained by Reading and Figures: Whereby the Manner of Performing the Steps is Made Easy by a New and Familiar Method Facsimile
Thompson 1774 1774 Twenty-four dances for the year 1774 Facsimile
Wilson 1808 The complete system of English country dancing Facsimile, Facsimile, Facsimile