My tunes

Updated 28th January 2018

I write tunes occasionally. As tunes pop out I occasionally get around to updating them on this site, usually after someone's asked me about a tune I've played that I haven't yet put up.

My tunes reflect the sorts of things I like to play for dancing, mostly a mix of English and Balfolk stuff. Some of them are really easy, others really not. Hopefully there's something of interest to most people.

I play accordion. I have a particular fondness for scrunchy chords, and I also have big enough hands to play them on an accordion. As a general rule, you can ignore the numbers after the chords if you want to simplify things a bit. Otherwise, the way you get the more complex chords is as follows (demonstrated for the root of D):

Chord symbol Bass button Chord button(s)
Dm7 Bb counterbass (D) F major
Dm7♭5 Bb counterbass (D) F minor
Dmaj7 D F# minor
D6 D D major + B minor
Dm6 D D minor + D dim
D9 D D major + A minor
Dmaj9 D D major + A major

For anything more complex I have normally used the "CHORD/bass" notation.

If you like one, and use it for something interesting then please let me know!

I've included a PDF and ABC. The ABC uses a bunch of extensions implemented in abcm2ps, so apologies if it's not very portable.

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This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. If you want to use it for anything not expressely permitted, please ask first. Note that this is the Attribution-NonCommercial licence – you must give the original author (me) credit for any use and permission is only granted for non-commercial uses. For anything else, ask me.

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