The Dragonfly

Set formation

A reaction to every couple waltz called in celidhs being Rosza – this has no chance of replacing it but was intended as a nice change.

A1 Arm round partner, side by side with man on the left, facing ballroom direction (acw):
Chassée forwards and right twice, forwards and left twice (4)
Balance towards partner, taking the free hand (1)
Balance back holding both hands (or just the man's left and woman's right) (1)
Change places, holding man's left and woman's right hand, woman going under, and then put your arm round your partner as at the beginning but facing the other way (2)
A2 Repeat in the other direction and finish facing each other in "open" ballroom hold (no pointy end) (8)
B1 2 chassées to the man's left, woman's right (2)
Put the other arm around your partner instead and chassée back (2)
Put both arms around your partner and waltz around (4)
B2 Repeat B1 (8)