Beast from the East

Set formation

Written after the UK snow storms in 2018 which the media rather dramatically nicknamed "The Beast from the East".

First called at London Barndance Company on 10/3/2018. The band were Buddy System. When I showed the card to Julie, she responded: “You wrote a dance called Beast from the East? No way! We wrote a tune called Beast from the East too!” and so the two were done together. It worked well, although I adjusted the very final move slightly afterwards.

A1 Circle left (4)
½ pousette with neighbour, men pushing (4)
A2 Women ½ allemande right (2)
Swing partner (6)
B1 Men allemande L 1½ (4)
Swing neighbour (4)
B2 Hands 4: balance the ring (2)
Petronella right one place (2)
Balance the ring (2)
Pass through across the set, passing L shoulder with neighbour, and turn over your right shoulder, moving along slightly, to face a new couple (2)

During the A2, if you're not careful in how you call this the dancers can end up swinging in the centre line. The men should continue moving backwards as the women do their half allemande, and the women follow their partner over to the side of the set for the swing.