Never Love Thee More

Historical sources
Set formation

For some reason this dance is often done very slowly. I prefer to do it the same speed as everything else – you should be able to skip to it, and it's a great driving tune if you let the band play it as one!

Intro (optional)
A (8) Honour the presence (4)
Honour your partner (4)
B (8) Lead up a double and back twice
Part 1 (Duple minor)
A (8) 1C back-to-back right shoulders (4)
1C back-to-back left shoulders (4)
B (8) 1C cross and cast down (4)
1C half figure eight up through 2C (4)
Part 2 (Duple minor)
A (8) Hands 4 circle left halfway and fall back (4)
Change places with your partner (4)
B (8) Right hand star (4)
Left hand star (4)

The only real innovation here, if you can call it that, is to dance it as originally done as two separate figures, with part 1 done for all, then part 2.  I prefer that to constantly swapping and turning it into a double progression.  Short sets required.

After the optional introduction (tagged onto the front of every dance of the era), part 1 is started by 1C, bringing in a couple at a time until all are dancing, each couple stopping when they get back to where they started. Part 2 then does the same.

I don't see the point in stopping people dancing for part 2 so I suggest just keep going until the original bottom couple are home.