Kelsterne Gardens

Historical sources
Set formation
A1 (8) Mirror (Grimstock) heys on the sides, 1C coming down the middle to begin.
A2 (8) Full figure of eight down, 2C optionally joining in for a double figure of eight.
B1 (6) Hands six all the way around.
B2 (6) 1C cast down to 2nd place and turn to the end of the music.

The first Couple go the whole Figure, and sides with the second and third Couple  ·  Then the first Couple go the whole Figure between the second Couple  :  Then the first and second Couple Hands quite round  ·  Then the first Couple cast off and turn Hands  : 

I love the tune for this. It has an 8-bar A and a 6-bar B.

The interpretation I know is converted to a 3-couple longways thus:

  • Grimstock hey
  • Top two couples double figure of eight
  • Top four circle left all the way and 1C cast down to middle
  • Bottom four circle left all the way and 1C cast down to bottom

It's a great fun dance but you don't get to dance with many people. How did the original triple minor version go? The first part is the same, although we tend to have the other couples join in to turn figures of eight on the side and at the top into heys and double figures of eight. The second part is far more spread out though. The first and second couples have 6 bars to circle left, consistent with the common timing of 8 bars for 3 couples to circle left – these days we move a bit faster and having all three couples circle left in the time is perfectly reasonable. Then first couple simply cast and turn in second place to finish the music.

People I've tried it on this way seem to quite like it, as it's a triple minor that doesn't leave everyone standing still the whole time.