Song: satire on "Pleasant and Delightful"

Here are the words to my satire on "Pleasant and Delightful". Best sung late in the evening to an audience of folk singers expecting to join in with the words to the usual version.

It was pleasant and delightful one midsummer's morn
And the fields and the meadows were all covered in corn
And the blackbirds and thrushes sang on every golden spray
And this verse has no relationship with the plot in any way

A soldier and his true love were a walking in May
He said "You know I'm a soldier, and that means one day
I will fuck off and leave you when the time has come for me to fight
It was nice to have had sex with you I'll be gone tomorrow night.

The ring from her finger she instantly drew
Saying "William you bastard does this mean nothing to you?
Maybe I could be a soldier too?" "No, you need a knob to fire a gun!
Plus the other boys will sleep around, and I'd miss out all the fun!"

"Farewell my only true love I can no longer stay
And if ever I return again we'll be married someday"
"Like hell we will", said Nancy, "I'm not waiting here upon the shelf
And if ever you return again you can marry someone else!"