Recueil de Contredances mises en Chorégraphie

About half of the dances in this also appear in The Dancing Master in one form or another (usually with some diferences). The ones I have spotted are:

  • La Bonne Amitié: Jamaica (4th edition)
  • La Bergére: Northern Nancy (4th edition)
  • Le Pistolet: Smith's Rant (6th edition)
  • Les Manches Vertes: Green-Sleeves and Pudding-Pies (7th edition)
  • Excuses My: Excuse Me (7th edition)
  • Le Prince George: Prince George (7th edition)
  • La Buffecote: Buff coat (4th edition)
  • Le Carillon d’Oxfort: Chrischurch Bells in Oxon (6th edition)
  • Jeanne qui Saute: Joan's Placket (10th edition)
  • Le Lirboulaire: Lilli Burlero (8th edition)
  • La Coquette: Moll Peatley, the New Way (11th edition)
  • Vienne: Vienna (7th edition, although the dance is completely different)
  • La Valantine: Valentine’s Day (6th edition)
  • La Chaine: London Gentlewoman (1st edition), with shades of Picking of Sticks in the final figure
  • La Nouvelle Figure: The New Vagary (4th edition)

Feuillet says in the preface that he wrote:

  • La Matelotte
  • La Folichon
  • La Feé

He also says some were written by another dancing master, Mr. Voisin, dancing master at Versailles:

  • La Pantomime
  • La Bacchante
  • L’Epiphanie
  • La Gasconne

As yet unidentified, but he did say he couldn’t remember the author to a number of them, so some/many of these will be French in origin:

  • La Jalousie (although it does largely share its A part with Pool’s Hole, 8th Edition DM)
  • Les Galeries d’Amour
  • Podain
  • Le Tourbillon d’Amour
  • Le Menuet de la Reine
  • Le Menuet du Chevalier
  • La Bourée de Basque
  • L’Amoureuse
  • La Fanatique
  • La Chasse (although this appears to be a strip the willow variant, so perhaps related to Trenchmore)


Interpretations of dances in this source
Dance name Set formation
Jeanne Qui Saute Longways circular